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Retired Horses

I love horses. All my life I have wanted a horse, however, due to the costs associated with owning a horse, it’s just never been feasible.

Yesterday, my daughter and I drove 80 miles west to visit, pet and feed a farm full of retired horses. The Retirement Home for Horses, Inc.  at Mill Creek Farm is a beautiful 300+ acre sanctuary for neglected, abused and abandoned horses from around the state of Florida.  The organization is a non-profit run on donations, they don’t charge a monetary admission into the farm, the cost to enter is simply “two carrots”.

On our way out, we stopped at the store and purchased one 5-lb bag of carrots and one 3-lb bag of apples. Having never been to the farm before, we had no idea what to expect. Next time, I think two bags of carrots is called for, as the horses know you are going to feed them, and some will walk the fence line with you, hoping you will give them more than just one (and we find it really difficult to say no. LOL).

It was a beautiful day, not thinking about the loss of sea breeze so far inland, I expected it to be cooler than what it was. Also, I did no research beforehand, so I had no idea how much walking was going to be involved. Next time, I wear shorts to keep cool and better walking shoes to provide support to my feet. That being said, it was nothing but blue skies and sunshine all day long, picture perfect, if you will.

I wish I would have done a better job at keeping track of the horse’s names, so I could document it in my blog posts, guess that’s another good reason to go back.

This guy was one of my favorites, he was very tall, imposing and a little stand-offish – it made my heart all aflutter.


Nikon D7200
1/80 second

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