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Apparently he was as curious of me as I was of him.


Nikon D7200
ISO 100
1/200 second

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Who’s afraid of the boogeyman??

“Do Not Use This Path After Dark”


University of Florida campus – Worldwide Photowalk Day, October 1, 2016.

Nikon D7200
ISO 100
1/25 second

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Hurricane Matthew

This weekend my town was hit by Hurricane Matthew. My husband and I had been carefully monitoring it’s movement, hoping it would shift to the east and bypass us, but remaining realistic enough to prepare for a hit.

Businesses throughout the city began closing and bracing for the storm on Wednesday. The local colleges shut down around 3pm, the area secondary schools notified student and parents that school would be suspended Thursday and Friday. I was able to work from home on Thursday and Friday, my husband went in Thursday morning, but was home by 11am.

For better or worse, we kept our TV tuned to The Weather Channel and watched as meteorologists reported from the Bahamas up along the Florida coast, providing real-time insight was to what we should expect. As my husband and I watched, our anxiety grew. We hadn’t really discussed evacuating, we weren’t in an evacuation zone, so I wasn’t worried about flooding, and I feel pretty safe in my house, according to an email I received from my landlord meant to reassure me, “it has strong bones”. But, we do have a great number of tall, decaying trees on our property and my biggest fear was them falling on the house, specifically while we are in it.

Luckily before we went to bed on Thursday night, Hurricane Matthew “wobbled” to the east just slightly, assuring that the eye wall wouldn’t scrape up the coast of Florida as originally planned easing my fears a little. I feel that if that hadn’t occurred, or if the conditions would have worsened overnight, my family and I would have packed up and headed to a friends house on the west coast early Friday morning.

We started losing trees Thursday night, even before the bigs winds came. Friday morning, before the heavy rains came, we took our dogs outside and walked our yard and found tons of fallen branches and noticed one of the decayed oaks at the very back of the property had fallen, luckily it fell on our side of the fence, and not our neighbors side. We would have plenty more time to impact the neighborhood with our dead trees later in the day.

It was predicted that Hurricane Matthew would hit our area late Friday afternoon and last into Saturday morning, and that prediction was pretty much spot on. I had anticipated that we would lose power, and we did right around 1pm on Friday. After a few minor bumps in the road, the family took it in stride, as we played card games and ate our hurricane snacks.

I am not sure exactly when the first tree fell, but none of us heard it come down. img_8498

The second tree wasn’t as inconspicuous. Although the whole tree didn’t fall, only a portion of it, it is right by my oldest daughter’s bedroom window, so she heard it come down.

The next tree to come down was the the second worse thing, right behind a tree falling on our house. The tree was on the front property line right by the road and when it fell, it decided to take our power line damaging the transformer that not only powers our house, but also our next-door neighbor and the two neighbors who live across the street.


As the sun set, we broke out the two flashlights we had (I later noticed when it came to preparing, we only worried about having enough drinks and snacks, getting more flashlights or battery powered radios) and ate some cereal and the kids and my husband played a couple of rounds of Uno. All-in-all, it was pretty good, other than the  silhouettes of tall trees bending to the howling winds. I found the storm much more frightening once the sun went down and I could no longer see what was happening outside.

Around 5:30 Saturday morning, we all woke to a loud explosion. At first I though that something had fallen on the house, or the transformer across the street had finally exploded. The four of us, flashlights in hand did as much investigating as we could, but found nothing causing immediate danger and each headed back to bed.

When I woke at 7, the rain had stopped and a full yard appraisal could be made. Luckily, no other trees came down over night, so our final count was 4 (although I consider it 3.33).

It took a few hours, but by mid morning, a tree service came by and cut the tree from the power line then by early afternoon the power company came by and repaired the wire to my house, reran the wire to my neighbors house and replaced our transformer.  We were outside clearing up yard debris, but we took a break, and together, with our neighbors, we gathered round to watch the lineman, use his baton to push the button that would restore our power. A collective cheer went up and smiles from not only the families but also the linemen were unanimous. After saying our many thanks, the workers got back in their trucks and headed off to help other families get back to normal. We spent the next half hour picking up the front yard, then came in, took showers and headed out to find somewhere, anywhere that could serve us hot food.

All-in-all, we were very fortunate. We are all safe and there was no structural damage to our home. My friends and my extended family members are safe and from what I have been told so far, any damage that has occurred has been minor.

I see news reports of the devastation that has been left behind and the flooding damage that has occurred due to the storm surge to the area beaches and especially to my favorite little city to the south, St. Augustine, and I am thankful that it wasn’t worse. Reports are flowing in of high numbers of fatalities in Haiti and the Bahamas and it prevents me from complaining about how we had to throw away an entire refrigerator of food or go without running water or electricity for 24 hours. These are minor inconveniences compared to what many others experienced.

This was the worst storm to hit my city in 118 years, and I am hopeful that it will be another 118 years before it sees anything remotely close.

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Day 197: Decay

I noticed these mushrooms growing low on the trunk of an oak tree way out in my back yard. Even though it’s pretty cool to look at, everything I have read about mushrooms growing out of trees indicates that it is a sign that the tree is suffering from decay. What I am not clear on is if this decay is caused by the mushrooms or if the mushrooms sprouted on the tree because of the decay.  Either way, even though it is an ominous sign for the tree, they are pretty cool looking.  Although I must say, the more I learn about mushrooms, the more weary I become about eating them.

MushroomNikon D7200
ISO 400
/125 second

Mushroom-2Nikon D7200
ISO 400
1/40 second

Mushroom-3Nikon D7200
ISO 400
1//40 second


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My birthday, a Cardinal, a sweet deer, and Florida alligators

This past Monday was my birthday and sadly I wasn’t feeling quite like myself. That didn’t stop me from spending the morning with an old friend and doing something that I love; enjoying nature and documenting what I see through my camera.

A high school friend of mine is planning her step-daughters wedding at O’Leno State Park in September and she needed to go out there to see the dining hall and pick some cabins for the guest houses. She knows that I love hiking and photography so she invited me and my camera along to hang out with her.

O’Leno State Park is located in High Springs, Florida – about an hour from Jacksonville. It includes a portion of the Santa Fe River and is home to a number of wildlife including deer, turtles, alligators, squirrels, and numerous birds.

There are several hikes throughout the park, but we chose the river hike which is about a mile and a half loop that takes you along the Sante Fe River, to a large sink where the river simply disappears underground. It was a gray and overcast day and as I said I wasn’t really feeling well, but in spite of that, it was a nice walk. Even though the water at the sink was covered in a thick layer of green algae, it didn’t seem to bother the turtles that were hanging out on the logs floating around.

In addition to the turtles optimistically waiting for the sun to come out and warm their dark green shells, we saw numerous squirrels, a few birds, including Cardinals, and a cute little deer chowing down on some breakfast. I spent the better part of the day fearful that we were going to come face to face with a gator, but if I am being honest, I am a little disappointed that we didn’t.

Below you will find a few pictures from the day.

O'Leno State Park February 2015

Suspension Bridge over the Sante Fe River

O'Leno State Park February 2015-14

Sante Fe River

O'Leno State Park February 2015-5

Such a pretty little deer, checking us out before going back to her breakfast.

O'Leno State Park February 2015-6

I’m not exactly sure what these things are called, they aren’t really tree trunks and they aren’t saplings…

O'Leno State Park February 2015-7

Don’t go swimming out there!

O'Leno State Park February 2015-10

A turtle hanging out at the sink.

O'Leno State Park February 2015-8

Turtle teeter-totter

O'Leno State Park February 2015-9

Turtles at the sink. This log just slowly spun around all day long.

O'Leno State Park February 2015-12

2 Cardinals and a squirrel walk into a bar…

O'Leno State Park February 2015-13


O'Leno State Park February 2015-3

Sante Fe River

O'Leno State Park February 2015-2

Sante Fe River

O'Leno State Park February 2015-4

Tree overhanging the river

O'Leno State Park February 2015-16

Are you looking at me?

O'Leno State Park February 2015-17

A Monument at O’Leno State Park, High Springs, Florida

O'Leno State Park February 2015-15

The Dining Hall, O’Leno State Park, High Springs, Florida

All-in-all, it was a great way to spend a birthday. Have you ever visited a state park? Where’s your “happy place”?

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