To Tell or Not to Tell

I have lost 76 pounds since January 1st and people are starting to notice. On one hand, it’s very motivating that people are taking notice, on the other hand, it’s kind of stressful and puts me in a position where I feel pretty awkward.

I don’t feel awkward because someone notices that I lost weight, well that does make me feel a little awkward, but usually I feel awkward because the person I am talking to usually asks me what I am doing to lose so much weight and I am never really sure what to say. For instance, there is one lady who works on the same floor as I do that I really like, she and I have had some great conversations and she’s just really nice. She and I passed in the hall on Friday and she told me that I looked good and asked me if I’d lost weight. I told her that I had lost about 75 pounds and she asked what I had been doing to get there. I told her that I was eating less and working out more, but then I felt bad because though that’s true, that’s not the whole truth, and continued to tell her that I had the surgery. ┬áMy co-worker who was walking with me asked me afterward why I told people about the surgery and when I explained that I felt as if I was lying if I didn’t, she explained to me that it wasn’t a lie at all as I was eating less and working out more.

I know that there are some people who’ve had the surgery and will not tell anyone, and there are others who have had the surgery and will tell everyone. I think I may be middle of the road on this, but I do feel that not telling the whole truth is still a lie.

If you have had the surgery, what do you tell people who ask, and do you tell those who you really like more than those you just know in passing? I wonder if I am alone in my confusion.

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2 thoughts on “To Tell or Not to Tell

  1. I’ve not told anyone besides my husband, mother, sister, and best friend (who also had surgery). My children, other siblings, dad, and the rest of the world do not know. Here’s why… it’s a journey. If people feel it is a quick fix, they’ll run out and do it without the hard work and head stuff that you really need to do before, during, and after. This is a small tool. Not a quick fix. I’m 2.5 years out and still work everyday to maintain. A lady at my husband’s job had surgery about a month ago and he already says… she isn’t going to make it in the long run. She still sees it as a momentary fix. So… I tell them all that I have done and let them take their own path. I get excuses… I couldn’t get up at 4am and workout… I couldn’t give up diet coke… I couldn’t give up carbs… etc. Those people aren’t ready. You have to be ready. But that’s just me…

  2. It took me a while to tell people. I didn’t tell my extended family until well after I had it. my coworkers are super nosey, so they noticed that first 30 pounds was gone and began to poke and prod for info. I actually couldn’t really get through my pre-op diet without them asking me questions lol. The safe answer is the one you gave, though. Until I got comfortable talking about my surgery, I would say things like, “I’ve made big changes to my diet and I’m working out” or “Just trying to get my life together”. Start sharing your experience when you’re ready for all the commentary; both good and bad.

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