My 1 Month Surgery Anniversary

Today marks one month since I had my vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) and there hasn’t been a moment that I’ve regretted doing it (ok, maybe one millisecond when my fat brain wanted to eat a whole piece of birthday cake, but I got over that quickly!).

Since having the surgery last month, I have lost 20 pounds! It’s not as much as I would like, but the numbers on the scale are going down and more importantly, I am feeling so much better, physically as well as mentally. The non-scale victories (NSV) don’t stop there, I am losing weight all over, so even though I haven’t dropped a dress size, I can see the weight loss in my face, in my stomach and even in my legs and feet. I know my hips are smaller because when we were at my parent’s house for my daughter’s birthday party a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t feel uncomfortable in their dining room chairs.

That being said, it has definitely required a lot of work and commitment. I have to be very particular about what I eat, I CAN eat anything, but I CHOOSE to eat the best things, lean proteins are my priority right now. I have intentionally stayed away from sweet candy/dessert type protein drinks or bars because I am fighting hard to break my sugar addiction and feel they would become a slider food, making me crave cookies and cakes and ice cream. It is not easy, but I am determined to be healthier and consume foods that are going to give me fuel, rather than make me feel run down.

My daughters and I enjoyed a morning at the beach today. As soon as we got there, I headed out on a 2 mile walk and then spent the next 45 minutes out past the breakers swimming. If you’ve never tried to swim in the ocean, let me tell you, it’s hard as heck! IMG_2018Honestly, it is time to amp up my physical activity, I still walk most days, but I think it’s time to force myself back into the gym. I have the membership, I need to use it.

I go back to work on Monday, and I have to really think about how I am going to prepare for the week so I don’t set myself up for failure. At this point, I could probably just drink a smoothie for breakfast and have a protein bar or almonds for lunch, but in my opinion, that is not the healthy lifestyle I want to live. I ran across one post on Facebook where a woman was doing her meal prep for the week, I’ve always wanted to try that, but I don’t want to be chained to the kitchen all day Sunday just so I can pack a few lunches and snacks — I hate cooking on any regular day, I can’t imagine I’d love spending a whole day doing it.  Do you meal prep? How do you do it without losing an entire day?

I want to thank everyone who comments on my blog, who sends me texts and private messages encouraging me to continue with my blog. I enjoy writing about my journey and appreciate all of your support!

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9 thoughts on “My 1 Month Surgery Anniversary

  1. Annette Trevino

    That’s great congrats👍🏼
    Still looking forward to my date.
    It is weird to read that people still get hungry,
    But I guess the diff is your stomach only allows you to eat a little. Like you I have sugar issues.
    If there was a majic pill to take that a way.
    Someone would be a millionaire….
    I see that preparation is still as important in any Weight Loss Journey… Hmmm, need to get that down. I’m doing. Jenny Craig right now, because it’s mostly prepped for me…loss 21 on it since May…..looking forward to joining the Losers Bench💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

    • It’s amazing that once I got through the liquid diet, my cravings for sugar all but stopped. Now that I am eating “normal” foods, I know that getting protein in first is the priority, and sweets don’t even come to mind, I can walk through the bakery area at my grocery store and not be tempted.

      • Bevel

        Do you eat much besides protein? I am two months post-op but still eat mainly protein. I’m trying to branch out but am just not very hungry.

      • Hi! No, I don’t each much other than protein and it’s getting a bit boring because I am not a big meat eater anyway, infant I am starting to incorporate more vegetarian/vegan recipes into my menu. I eat a lot of quinoa now, add some black beans and salsa and it’s a nice little treat!

  2. Kimberly Maclennan

    You don’t need to lose a whole day doing meal prep. If you’re cooking full meals utilize crock pots, instant pots, & each rack in the oven. Personally I still get my protein from different sources where I don’t need to cook for every meal. My snack might be a balanced break by Sargento & my lunch may by rolled up thick slices of Boar’s Head ovengold turkey, avocado or fruit. Today I had Triscuit crackers with deli cheese & some left over pot roast on it. It’s so random. I find left over are my friend. Lol. For me It’s more about thinking ahead & gathering the item’s together. Maybe some slicing/chopping thing’s up. Then you can plan your regular meal for your family at night (remembering that little tiny bit of left overs that almost seemed to small to keep becomes an awe some lunch the next day.

    • Thanks, I had been considering lunch meat and cheese as a go-to and I did left overs pre-op, so I am sure that will still be a norm.

  3. Great hearing about so many positive results thus far!! Keep your chin up. You are doing GREAT. 🙂

  4. I am only at puree phase right now but I am finding prep helpful (to an extent). I can’t cope with the dairy in protein shakes (non-dairy is a challenging option where I am) so I make up a big soup that I blend and pot up in single servings. Yesterday is was chicken soup with onion, carrot and kale made in my instant pot.

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