Day 197: Decay

I noticed these mushrooms growing low on the trunk of an oak tree way out in my back yard. Even though it’s pretty cool to look at, everything I have read about mushrooms growing out of trees indicates that it is a sign that the tree is suffering from decay. What I am not clear on is if this decay is caused by the mushrooms or if the mushrooms sprouted on the tree because of the decay.  Either way, even though it is an ominous sign for the tree, they are pretty cool looking.  Although I must say, the more I learn about mushrooms, the more weary I become about eating them.

MushroomNikon D7200
ISO 400
/125 second

Mushroom-2Nikon D7200
ISO 400
1/40 second

Mushroom-3Nikon D7200
ISO 400
1//40 second


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