Day 196: Florida Summer Storms

Anyone who has lived in Northeast Florida for any length of time knows that all outdoor activities need to be completed first thing in the morning. It’s not just because the afternoons during the months of June through August are oppressively hot, but also due to the fact that late-afternoon, fast-moving thunderstorms are a staple here. I know that there is some very technical reason for them, reasons that involve the humidity and temperature  other things I know nothing about, but my husband could explain to you in his sleep.

Though many people I know hate thunderstorms, I absolutely love them. We had one blow through right over my office the other day, and you could almost feel the rumble of the thunder bringing in dark clouds that transformed the sky from bright and sunny to dark and moody.

There isn’t anything about a storm that I don’t love; dark clouds, winds, thunder, lightening, and yes, even the large drops of rain. The best part though, is that you can physically feel when a storm is on it’s way, not because of the rain, but because the air gets a little lighter and there is an energy shift, also and it smells a little different – not necessarily cleaner, but just different.

Today the storms are arriving right on time. I grabbed my camera and snagged a few shots of the sky as the clouds moved in.  Maybe I missed my calling as a storm chaser.

Storm Clouds-2
ISO 1600
1/2000 second

Storm Clouds
ISO 1600
1/320 second
Storm Clouds-3
ISO 100
1/2000 second

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