Day 195: Florida Bugs

I know that many people get freaked out when they see bugs – those people would not do well in Florida. My yard ┬áhas the typical outdoor inhabitants; spiders, squirrels, birds and grasshoppers! And let me tell you, these grasshoppers are no joke, these bad boys are huge, they are a good three inches long and would take up half the width of your palm, if you were brave enough to try to hold one. In the Spring, you can’t walk around my yard without seeing a ton of these suckers. However, now that it’s Summer, and super hot outside, ┬áthere aren’t as many, they are still hanging around.

I was rambling around my backyard and noticed this guy just sitting there. Luckily I didn’t step on him, that would have been gross!! I didn’t realize it when I was taking this shot, but it looks like his back leg is missing, which would explain why he just sat there while I was taking pictures of him.

Nikon D7200
ISO 4000
250 mm
1/125 seconds

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