Day 185: Panorama

Jacksonville sunsets had been gorgeous the past few day, so I headed downtown with some friends last night in hopes of capturing a frame or two of the sky full of reds, pinks,  yellows and orange. Unfortunately, Mr. Sun decided to be modest and hide behind a blanket of clouds as he slid into his evening slumber.

I wasn’t going to let the experience become a complete waste,  while standing on the Main Street bridge and looking over the St. Johns River I decided to try my hand at creating a panorama. By definition, a panorama is a picture or photograph containing a wide view and I’ve taken panoramic shots with my smart phone, but never with my DSLR. Fortunately, with programs like Lightroom and Photoshop, it really isn’t that difficult at all, you just have to take a few shots and stitch them together, which ultimately creates one large panoramic shot.

This is a panorama of the Acosta Bridge,  Northbank Riverwalk and The Jacksonville Landing. I took four separate shots and stitched them together in Lightroom to create this Now that I’ve gotten the bug, I imagine that there will be more shots like these in my Lightroom Library.

Acosta Bridge Pano-2Nikon D7200
ISO 250
1/100 seconds

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