Day 183: Focus Stacking

I’ve always wondered how some photographers are able to get an entire frame into focus, even though there are multiple depth of field levels in the photo. A friend and I went to breakfast after our photography meet-up event this morning and he explained to me that much of that is done through focus stacking.

Wikipedia explains Focus Stacking as “Focus stacking offers flexibility: as focus stacking is a computational technique, images with several different depths of field can be generated in post-processing and compared for best artistic merit or scientific clarity. Focus stacking also allows generation of images physically impossible with normal imaging equipment; images with nonplanar focus regions can be generated.” You can read more of the Wikipedia  article here.

After the afternoon rain showers and just before sunset, I decided to try my hand at focus stacking. I made three attempts, each one better than the next, but I am still not quite there yet – as you can see from the photo below (please excuse the fact that some tiny critter has been eating the leaves of my hibiscus plant).

Focus Stacking

Nikon D7200
ISO 100
35mm (prime lens)
1/640 seconds

This image is comprised of 10 separate photos. As you can see, it’s not quite perfect as there are some blurry spots, but I plan to get out tomorrow and try again, hopefully the results will be better.

Have you ever done any kind of focus stacking? I’d love to see your results!

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