Day 112 Theme: Current Event

Today, one of my all-time favorite musical performers, Prince, passed away. To say that I am grieving would be an understatement. Prince was the first musician that I remember listening to as an individual in my family. Neither my parents nor my older brothers listened to that genre of music — he was my first taste of musical freedom. Not to mention that many of his songs and his movies bring back memories of my adolescence. He is very prevalent on the soundtrack of my life — he represents my childhood and my coming of age, and he was still relevant during my adulthood.

But beyond my personal loss, today, the world lost an incredibly talented song writer, musician, and artists. It’s difficult to accept because it doesn’t feel like he was finished, it feels as if the world was robbed of all the greatness he still had to give.

As odd as it may seem to others, I will mourn the loss of a man who I never met for a long time. I may not have personally known Prince Rogers Nelson, but his life had a significant impact on mine.

RIP Prince ❤

Honoring the life of Prince
Taken with my iPhone6

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