Day 67 Theme: Balls

Almost two years ago, my husband and two daughters and I moved from San Diego, California back to my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. Our first year here we lived with my parents until my husband and I could find jobs and save up enough money to find a rental.

My dad loves his sweets and in addition to his snacks and desserts, he always has a tub of Fireballs in the kitchen. My youngest daughter, also having a sweet tooth, would help herself to them when no one was looking, quickly dwindling the supply.  When we finally got back on our feet and moved into a place of our own, my dad sent what was left of his tub of Fireballs home with her — this is about half of what we have left.

Tomorrow’s theme: Space


Nikon D7200
ISO 100
35mm (prime lens)
.6 sec

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