Day 66 Theme: Shadows

I love shadows in photographs, even those shadows that cover peoples faces when have that sun-speckled look while they are standing under a tree, I know many professional photographers say to stay away from those because they are a distraction, but I think they add interest.

It was a lovely day in North Florida so I ventured out to my back yard and took a few pictures of my dogs enjoying the outside. The images below capture Sassy, our Rottweiler rescue lounging in shadow of a shade tree in our back yard (it amuses me how she really does not like having her picture taken). The second photo is of Freyja, our German Shepherd, playing with her favorite toy, a chew tire.

Tomorrow’s theme: balls

Shadow-3Nikon D7200
ISO 100
Nikon 35 mm 1.8 prime lens
1/20 sec

ShadowNikon D7200
ISO 100
Nikon 35 mm 1.8 prime lens
1/60 sec







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