Day 29 Theme: Pairs

A couple of weeks ago, some photog friends and I went to Camp Chowenwaw Park; a 150 acre site that the local county purchased from the Girl Scouts back in 2006. It’s a beautiful site located along Black Creek, a feeder creek off of the St. Johns River. Currently the county rents out camping areas to groups or individuals looking to get back in touch with nature.  Some of the animals you can see while visiting are manatees, bald eagles, river otters, white tailed deer, turkeys, alligators, foxes, raccoons and more. Unfortunately, all I saw on my visit were squirrels, plenty of squirrels.  You can find out more about Camp Chowenwaw Park by visiting this link.  Below, is a photo of a “pair” of tree houses that are available to rent at the camp. Screens cover where the front and back walls would be located allowing those sleeping there to plenty of airflow and an plenty of sights and sounds of the nature around them.

Well, that’s it for today. Enjoy, and I’ll see you later.

Tomorrow’s theme: Wings


Nikon D7200
ISO 250
1/20 sec.
Hand held

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