Day 28 Theme: Winter

Most of the time, when non-floridians think about Florida, then think of year-round sun and palm trees and warm beach weather. While that’s typically true of the southern part of the state, up here in northern Florida, it gets down right cold. Now, I am not talking white-out blizzard conditions, but last weekend we experienced high’s in the mid 30’s. I don’t care who you are, that’s freaking cold!

On Monday morning, I woke up to go to work and there was frost on my truck. I shot this photo of the underneath portion of the frost from inside my truck and I loved how it turned out. This definitely says winter to me!

Luckily, it’s warmed up since then and we are now loving winter temperatures in the 60’s!

How has the weather been where you live??

Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy, and I’ll see you later.

Tomorrow’s theme: Pairs.

Shot with the iPhone 6

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