Day 27 Theme: Curves

These vases definitely have curves! The are a bright red color and shaped like an hour glass.

I’m in training at work all week, so I am not getting home until after sundown and it’s super dark in my house. The first few photos I took looked pretty bland in the incandescent light that is coming off of the ceiling fan in my living room, and, since I don’t have any large lights, ‘s I decided to play around with adding more light with a flash light. I liked the way the flashlight helped to accentuate the shadow, but felt that it was a bit too harsh, si I turned out my other light sources and just used the flash light to do a little light painting until I got an effect that was passable. Once in Lightroom, I still wasn’t fully pleased with the outcome, so I made the photo black and white and then added some color back into the vases, just so it didn’t look so flat.

It was fun trying to find a creative way to present this photo and even though I am sure there are areas in which it could be better, I am happy because I was able to do something different, which is the whole point of this project for me.

Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy, and I’ll see you later.

Tomorrow’s theme: WinterCurves
Nikon D7200
ISO 1600
10 sec.
Manual; tripod

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