Day 22 Theme: Soft

Remember when you were a kid and thought clouds were made of cotton that you could bounce around on? Well, I still like to think that way! “Soft” is the Project 365 theme for today. I could have taken a photo of my bed or my pillow or even my favorite soft throw blanket, but today we have some extraordinary cloud cover so I chose to take a photo of the clouds that are quickly passing by over my house (sadly, it’s a little grainy, I forgot to drop my ISO down before I started snapping pictures). I just love them, even if they are gray and full of rain — at least it isn’t snow!!! But then again, I suppose snow would make a great “soft” photo.

That’s it for today, enjoy and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s theme: Leaves

SoftNikon D7200
ISO 1000
1/6400 sec
Manual using a tripod

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