Day 14 Theme: Love

“Love” is today’s word and rather than post a photo of hearts or couples kissing or the word itself, I am posting a photo of a random bird in my front yard.

“A bird?” You ask. Yes, a bird. I believe this is a juvenile White Ibis and he decided to find his brunch in our front yard this morning.

“What does this have to do with love?” You ask. Well, that’s simple. I absolutely love when random animals find their way in my yard. A few years ago, when we lived in San Diego, I spotted a road runner on the front walkway to our house. Last year, when I was staying with my parents until we found our house, we were visited by two curious but shy river otters. Today, we were able to hang out with a White Ibis. I grew up in a rural area close by where I now live, but I don’t recall having many wild animals come into our yard other than snakes and the occasional gopher tortoise. So these newly identified visitors bring me great joy, especially since they are of the non-vicious variety.

Do you ever get visited by random wild animals?

Enjoy, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s theme: Perspective.

Nikon D7200
ISO 640
1/500 sec.

CraneNikon D7200
ISO 800
1/200 sec

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