Day 11 Theme: Repetition

Today’s theme is “Repetition.” As luck would have it, I joined some friends downtown yesterday for a photo walk and there were many opportunities for repetition shots. Since I have so many, I will post multiple photos today, also, I can’t choose the one I like best. 🙂

Tomorrow’s theme: Shallow Depth of Field.

Enjoy, and see you tomorrow.

Windows of an office building downtown, I loved the sun reflecting off the window.  Nikon D7200, ISO 500, 80mm, f/32, 1/1250 sec., manual






Sweet Pete’s Candy Store is a beautiful shop in downtown Jacksonville where you can find just about every candy imaginable. From hand-made chocolates, to boxed candies like Jujubes and Bottle Caps. They also offer candy making classes, a space for private parties and a cafe! We were going to eat there for brunch, but the wait was an hour and didn’t have the time to wait, next time we will see if they take reservations! If you are in the area, check them out, I know I can’t wait to go back!


Cherry Cordials at Sweet Pete’s


Jujubes and Bottle Caps at Sweet Pete’s.

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2 thoughts on “Day 11 Theme: Repetition

  1. I really like the repeating windows with the sunlight glancing of them.

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