Quite the Challenge

Blogging is more difficult than it looks. Adjusting your blog theme, making sure it looks just right, while also trying to find interesting, post worthy things to write about is much more challenging than it sounds.

How do you keep your blog fresh? Do you have any WordPress hacks to share?

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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4 thoughts on “Quite the Challenge

  1. Tom

    I feel your pain as my past blog archive lists have looked just about as spread out as yours. If you did have a common theme, you could always add other authors to help keep the ball rolling. Other than that, it’s like going to the gym. It takes time and dedication. NaBloPoMo has inspired me to start new this year and one thing I recommend is to jot down blog topics whenever they pop into your head. Use a notepad, smartphone, whatever. Just record the idea or the subject. When you sit down to write it, it will all make sense. Second, aim small. In my opinion 400-600 word posts are good and not too time consuming to comb over for your readers. Lastly, don’t doubt yourself and don’t assume that everyone knows what you know. As a photographer you could write about aperture, ISO, or megapixels and help educate those who do not understand simple topics. Maybe just some quick tips for them. Sure, they can Google those topics and get a ton of feedback – but they can’t get it the way you can present it. You are unique and that’s what you should demonstrate to your readers. You can always keep things fresh by talking about popular current events, activities in your local area, etc. Tagging posts appropriately will help. Good luck! I know I need it as well.

    • Great thoughts! Thanks so much for sharing. I was getting tripped up on the layout earlier this evening. I love my theme, but I want one that allows multiple menus to click through. I’ll be combing through them again tomorrow.

      Yes, I have started a blog post idea list on my phone, it’s so easy to stay organized that way.

      Thanks for the reply!

  2. Tom

    No problem – I know how rewarding it is to know that people are actually reading your material so I am making it a point to comment on people’s posts more often. Per the theme, I completely understand. It can take days to settle on a configuration and then six months later, you’ll want to change everything. For me, I wanted to go simple this time around but my theme is not very original. I like your photo-driven layout but highly recommend that you feature your recent posts on the sidebar and add a menu for categories. If you do use Twitter, setup your feed there as well. Instagram is a great idea!

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