It’s the first day of May, also known as May Day, a traditional Spring holiday and day of celebration in many cultures, it is also my first day of unemployment.

I resigned from my job of almost eight years yesterday because my family and I are moving from San Diego, California to Jacksonville, Florida in less than a week. My husband retired from the United States Navy recently and we decided to move back to my hometown to be closer to family.

Our twelve years in San Diego has been an amazing journey. I found a new appreciation for my husband, I found great friends who will be with me for life, and I found a rewarding and challenging job that helped me grow into a leader. I have experienced joy and laughter along with pain and sadness.

San Diego has been very, very good to us.

I decided that in order to celebrate the beauty of San Diego, my daughters and I would experience one last west coast sunset at the beach. My girlfriends and I have been going to this particular spot on Coronado beach for about ten years and it felt appropriate that we spend one more evening at the place where we had so many good times together.

Coronado Beach, Coronado, CA May 2014

Coronado Beach, Coronado, CA May 2014

Panoramic view of Sunset.

Panoramic view of Sunset.

Tomorrow, we will worry about taking boxes of stuffed animals and clothes to the Goodwill, but today we honor our friendships and this beautiful city by enjoying what she has to offer.

Me and my grown-up BFF

Me and my grown-up BFF

Spring is a time of new beginnings, and I can’t think of any day better than May Day to start a new beginning for us.

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One thought on “Prelude

  1. Juli

    I love you Red. So excited for this next chapter.
    Can’t wait to experience a right coast sunset.
    Love you…

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