And just like that, we are back in action

With one email or phone call, everything can change.

A couple posts back I wrote about how frustrating the house hunting process can be. We found a house, put in an offer, the offer was accepted, but it was contingent upon the sellers finding another home. In the contract we gave them 30 days to find another home, that 30 days expired  a week ago. It was written in the contract that any time after the 30 days had expired, we had the right to walk away from the deal and get our Escrow deposit back.

It wasn’t looking promising, the sellers had put in a few offers, but they had all been rejected. Hopeful, but also realistic, we wanted to keep our momentum up so we decided to start looking at other houses incase this house fell through. We looked over some houses on the internet and made arrangements to meet our realtor to see a couple of them.

Making arrangements and setting up a schedule we had been talking to our realtor all day yesterday. She called us in the early evening yesterday, I thought to finalize our schedule, however instead she told us that she had received an email from the sellers realtor notifying her that the sellers were ready to move on the sale without finding another place to live first, so that they could get this loan off their back which would give them better chances of having an offer accepted.  SWEET!!

So, today, instead of going to look at other properties, we spent two hours with our realtor going over our Escrow paperwork and talking about what steps need to happen next. We still can’t call our financial institution, but hopefully within the next few days we will have a closing date and a true idea of what our mortgage payments will be. It’s exciting and terrifying all at once.

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