She’s perfect, with one exception

Today is day number four with our new love, Sassy. She has integrated into the family quite well though I wouldn’t say that she has become fast friends with our other pets, but she can be in the same room with them and no one gets snarled at or bitten; it’s progress.

Unfortunately, we discovered the hard way yesterday that she suffers from separation anxiety. I’m not sure if it’s because she still does not know us that well, or if it’s truly a behavioral issue that she will have forever, but we have to work with her a little more than expected.

While at work yesterday morning, I received a call from Sassy’s foster Mom that she had gotten out of the house. Fortunately, another foster mother lives close and was able to come get her while I drove home from work. Not knowing what to expect, once home, I walked in to find that she had torn up the blinds on the front and back doors and upon discovering the open window in my office, she jumped through it, making a quick escape.

I was able to get a vet appointment in the afternoon and for now, she is on puppy Prozac. I’ve taken the day off and M is taking tomorrow off and together we are working on getting her used to being in a crate. If we can’t get her settled in, and used to us being gone during the day, we will not be able to keep her.

Sassy at the Vet's office

Patiently waiting to see the Vet

Yesterday when I put her in the crate to pick up C from school, she howled and cried the entire time we were gone, about 15 minutes. Today, she has shown remarkable signs of progress. I put her in the crate to take both the girls to school and was gone about 35 minutes. She didn’t make a sound, no whining, no howling, no barking, she was like a different dog. However, when I got home and let her out, she followed me around worried that I was going to leave again. I couldn’t go anywhere; the laundry room, the kitchen, the bathroom, Sassy was always close under foot. However as the day has worn on, she’s started to relax and I have been able to move around without my bodyguard close at hand.

Things are looking up and if she does well when I leave to pick up the girls and is ok while I am at school tonight, I believe this will work. It’s just going to take some patience on our side and trust on hers. But just look at her, she will definitely be worth the work!

Silly Sassy

What a cutie!!

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